lördag 5 januari 2013

Tack snälla Monique!

Denna fantastiska gåva kom med posten igår och jag blev jätteglad och tacksam för att det var jag som blev utvald.
This amazing gift came in the mail yesterday and I was very happy and thankful that it was me who was chosen.

Om ni är intresserade av vad Monique gör mer, besök hennes hemsida.
Monique, Fabulously Small

If you are interested in what Monique does more, visit her website.
Monique, Fabulously Small

11 kommentarer:

Contrastes-Rosa Mª sa...

Felicidades , es precioso:)

Drora's minimundo sa...

Congratulations for your lovely gifts! Enjoy your new treasures.
Hugs, Drora

Anne sa...

Thank you both of you, yes i am very happy and i will put in som pictures when i hav put it in one of my small houses!

rosethe-minima sa...

Félicitations ! rosethé

afairytalecometruewyrna sa...

Tillykke med dine dejlige gaver. Det hele ser så spændende ud. Nyd dine dejlige gaver.
Tak fordi du har lavet en henvisning til min blog.


Melli Hobby sa...

Congrats for the win!
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I´m a new follower of yours now!

Ilona sa...

Congratulations for winning this gorgeous prize, enjoy it, Anne!
By the way I am your follower number 149, one to go until 150 ;)
Hugs, Ilona

Ilona sa...

I would love to participate in your give away, but I don't see it, please will you count me in? I would love to put your link on my blog, but I can't find the picture of this surprise give away.....
Hugs, Ilona

Anne sa...

I dont have any picture, it is a secret gift this time. Something to fit the springtime and garderning. Next gift i should take a picture of, i promise: Hugs to you all my miniaturfriends.

Fabulously Small sa...

Hi Anne, so glad you received the package intact. I was a bit worried how it would arrive, since I had already taped the box and heard the little boxes being loose (apparantly I really thought they would stay in the giftbag.. ;) ). Did want to fix that, but then forgot and my boyfriend put it in the mail.. So glad you're so happy with it, enjoy! You're the first person in the world to have original Fabulously Small items :)

Anne sa...

Thank you Monique, I am so glad and greateful for the gift. Hope to have the contact with you forwards. Sorry for my bad english. Hugs from Anne