måndag 22 april 2013

Vem får en Pelargon?

Har dragit ett namn av er som kommenterat frågan om vilken färg som är vackrast på Pelargonior. Det blev Liduina Liduina  som kommer att få en pelargonia i rosa på posten.
Så Liduina, sänd mig din adress så postar jag paketet snarast.

Have pulled a name of you who commented on the issue of what color is stunning at Pelargoniums. It became Liduina who will get a pink geranium in the mail.
So Liduina, send me your address so I post the package as soon as possible.

3 kommentarer:

Tessa Liduina sa...

Oh Anne, I am so delighted to win your lovely "Geranium". You made such a pretty one and I do not have flowers in my Miniature House yet. Thank you so much!!! When I have received your beautiful gift, I'll put it in my tiny house and make a post about it :D
xxx Liduina

Anne sa...

You must have to give me your full name and adress, so i can send it to you. Hugs from Anne

Fabiola sa...

Congratulations to Liduina.
Bye, Faby